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Al Tameer Arabian

Al- Tameer Al-Arabian is one of the Egyptian General Authority for Investments.

Al Tameer Arabian was established by our one and only CEO Eng Marzouk Mansour, the well known engineer for his precise executive planning and well management.
Throughout the years, it has been written to his name a long list of successful projects all over the MENA area especially in the gulf area, KSA.

Al Tameer Arabian


Project Designing and real estate development is a conspicuous shield,
for us. Edging a stand-alone identity that of ours; we intent to fulfill a powerful yet brand new and innovative developmental strategies. Supporting our main cause of "Continuity".

Al Tameer Arabian


At Al-Tameer Arabian, We care about being whole, aiming credibility and morality. Giving back to our community is a huge part of our establishment. We are not only are sincere about providing a lifestyle that you've always wanted. But Al tameer also care about contributing to the society.

Al Tameer Arabian


Within our industry most of our spoken of benefits do not surpass project amenities during sale services and settlements. But at Al-Tameer Arabian, we exceed humane expectations. We develop to provide a decent customer service and an excellent quality control assurance system.

Al Tameer Arabian

Building Dreams In Saudi Arabia Since 1995

From Al Tameer Arabian
About Rivan

is thoroughly
an architectural masterpiece

Located in R7, 1he most distinguished location in the new capital, servicing the diplomatic district. R7 s considered to be the golden district in the new capital, as it's nearby the diplomatic area and the major sites in the new capital. One of the biggest most prestigious projects in Cairo's New Capital.

The First
Serviced Apartments
In New Capital

By Al Tameer Arabian

Shopping Mall

Comprehensive amenities

Professional services

Absolute security

Green and clean Environment

Humanitarian community