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Our mission is to engage in issues that are of concern to individuals, families and communities through an uncompromising commitment to create outstanding living, work and leisure environments.


Rivan Compound is an ellipse design of circular roads; connecting all dimensions to all built units, garages and a better view to all units. A huge scholar area with a Green landscape view and a commercial mall. Exquisitely unique interior and exterior designs, giving quite the perfect amount of privacy, luxury and freedom. All units are lobby air-conditioned.


An environmentally friendly solar system for power generation.
Sustainable designs of Garbage chutes; looking after a cleaner neighborhood.
Powerful elector-saving system of Central AC; saving up to 40% of elector-usage.
An equivalent to building areas of Garage and Underground parking
with internal pass-through to the buildings lobbies.


Within our industry most of our spoken of benets do not surpass project amenities during sale services and settlements But at Al-Tameer, we exceed human expectations. We develop to provide a decent customer service
and an excellent quality control stance system. Our entity establishes a quiet range of humane contemplations
professionally considerate, to start with.


Given Al Tameer’s strategic thinking, hand in hand, with our strong belief on the basic humane necessity investments; we provide a well-established diversified business planting. Lately, we have showed an interest in the Agricultural Date industry. Working, investing and harvesting on thousands of acres to sustain some of the globally famous kinds of dates. Bringing them all to Egypt; fully farmed, harvested, processed, manufactured and market penetrated.


Having believe in a fully stacked business, establishing an acquainted chronological Industrial process. Al-Tameer is currently growing to extend to the entire chain; by being part of the packaging industry. Due to our sincerity with our diversified investments; our process of ultimate upgrade does not stand a chance to miss. Al-Tameer is currently a fully stacked chain holder of the date industry. We farm, harvest process, manufacture and pad


CCTV touring the entire compound.
Surveillance CCTV gates with a very high tech cameras;
ensuring the utmost security,
Round the clock Security guard companies